7 Rules for English learning

If you want to Learn English without putting any effort. If you want to speak English like native English speakers,then ELP brings its 7 most powerful rules for learning English easily and automatically. No more grammar books and vocabulary lists and boring conversation classes. Grammar hurts your speaking, it makes you think while speaking by which you can not speak English fast---Good speaking comes from good listening. You can download 7 rules e-book for free---By ELP's 7 rules of English learning you will be able to speak English without stopping,without thinking, without translating your mother language into English before speaking... It will teach you deep learning. It will make you think in English so you'll be able to speak fluently, like you speak your first language. ELP promises to all English learners to make them speak English like native speakers and they will be able to understand native speakers as well. As this 7 rules e-book is totally free, so we are just asking you for a favour. We want you to distribute this 7 rules e-book in all your friends, relatives and collegues, because we want every ESL learner to speak English :)

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Rule number 1 with audio (Available now)
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Rule number 2 with audio (Available now)
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