Real Spoken English ?

English language learners are learning English in a wrong way. Spoken English is not the same as textbook English. This is a fact that few students understand. They simply don’t realize that the English they learn in schools is not the English that native speakers use in normal conversations.

To be honest, I don’t know why schools are neglecting real spoken English. Why they are teaching only formal English? Why don’t they prepare their students for the real world? ELP has brought the way for learning English easily and automatically,  by which students learn real spoken English.

ELP lessons focus on the true, casual, everyday spoken English used by native speaker North Americans. it teaches idioms and slang, because native speakers use these in every conversation.

In our lessons, you rarely find full, formal, complete sentences. Why not? Because in real spoken conversations, native speakers almost never use complete sentences. They speak in partial sentences. They interrupt each other. They change thoughts in the middle of a sentence. They use filler words constantly.

Real spoken pronunciation is also quite different than what you learn from schools and textbooks. In a normal conversation, native speakers tend to mash words together. In school, you learned a few standard contractions… but in fact, English native speakers create a huge number of non-standard contractions all the time. They connect some words together, and they cut other words shorter.

When you combine all of these differences, you get conversations that sound totally different than what you learned from school and books.

Unfortunately, this is a source of extreme frustration for many students. Any student who has visited North America will tell you that the English spoken on the street is nothing like the English they learned at home in school.

Our goal is to prepare you for the real world of spoken English. To do that, we record and use only real, spontaneous, unplanned conversations between native speakers. We call people on the phone, chat with them, and record the conversation. Usually, we do not tell the other person that they are being recorded (until the conversation is finished). We want them to speak completely naturally.

Another feature of our lessons is that we don’t edit the conversations. We never cut out filler words. Our goal is not to create some kind of “perfect” artificial conversation… our goal is to capture the real, messy English language in daily use.

We then provide you with tools to understand these messy, real conversations. We give you vocabulary lessons to explain the huge number of idioms and slang that you’ll hear. We give you the famous Mini-Stories of ELP, to guarantee that you learn everything deeply and effortlessly. We give you text transcripts of everything, to help you understand faster.

When you finish all 28 lessons (you’ll do one lesson set everyday for one week… thus finishing the program in 30 weeks)– you’ll be able to talk with native speakers quickly and effortlessly… and you’ll understand when they talk to each other.

Good luck with your English learning :)