Comments about ELP

"My name is Yasir Salam and I am working in UAE. I studied English for about 6 to 7 years in school,college and university. I also did 2 or 3 language courses from different institutes in Pakistan. My grammar was perfect! 100 out of 100, but I couldn't have spoken English like I wanted to. But now everyone, my relatives and my friends call me a good English speaker and I am also very satisfied with my speaking, it's all done just by your SUPERBBB lessons. Millions Trillion thanks to ELP"
Yasir Salam, UAE

"When I used to think about my English speaking, I felt very bad--- my reading and writing were OK. but my speaking was too bad. I always made mistakes in the forms of verbs, I was totally desperate. I saw ELP's advertisement on a website. Now I have been using its lessons for last 2 months and I am very happy and satisfied with my speaking. I can really feel the grammar now :)... Millions of thanks to ELP"
Saleem Amjad, Larkana, Pakistan

"ELP in the best--- I bought your downloading link last month and I am feeling very very very excited about my speaking. In just 1 month I am having remarkable results. Thank you Mr.Alvi for this interactive course"
Rameesh , India

"I really love your lessons. I had very bad English learning experience before and I used to think that I could never speak English nor I could conversate with native speakers. But now I am very excited about my English. Your lessons also gave me the way to speak English to understand the nature of English."
Qanit Shahbaz, UAE

"I am really enjoying your lessons, and the voice quality is very good of each lesson. I've completed 3 lessons and I am really improving my speaking and listening. I always wanted to through grammar books because I don't like to learn grammar. Thanks ELP and teacher of ELP."
Keissa , Malaysia

“This English language course is absolutely amazing! I can finally speak to native speakers. I understand them and they understand me. I’m so happy! …I was afraid to speak English, now I love it! Thanks!” 
Andraide, Germany 

“I am really glad and thankful to you for making me understand the best method to learn English. I have been following your methods and it is working well.”
Maeez Akbar, Pakistan

“I am very happy with my English now! I am improving day by day. Your program is an excellent one. I had a huge problem with my English communication. Then recently I found ELP from a Google search. After three weeks of learning with the program I found it is working incredibly. Thanks for your program. I am going to recommend it to others I know.”
Muhammad Wali, UAE

"I love the way how ELP teaches each and everything related to English grammar, slangs and idioms. By just listening to the lessons I've started thinking in English like a native English speaker. My sister also uses the lessons and she is improving her speaking more than me because she spends 3 hours a day in listening. Thanks ELP :) " 
Manjeet Kumar, India

"I really like the method, the formula of ELP to teach English language. I appreciate it because I am using your lessons for last 2 months and it is really really amazing. I am learning English like a child, without any effort I am improving in speaking English. Thanks alot"
Angelica , Singapore

“First of all I am very thankful to ELP for making me a good speaker of English language. I studied English at a university for 4 years but I still could not speak with native English speakers. I have now listened the ELP English lessons for three months and for the first time I now feel confident when I speak English. I cannot find words to thank you enough.”
Shahid Alam , UAE