Learn English

Learn English

Learn English easily. Without learning grammar

•Do you want to learn English? and you always feel uncomfortable in a group or a place where English is being spoken?

•Don't you think that textbook is not the right way to Learn English and you're not learning the real English from textbooks?

•Are you having very hard time to understand native speakers’ conversations? and you want to learn English to communicate with the world?

•After learning so many grammar rules in school, college, and university you still need to learn English to speak fluently because you can't remember all the grammar rules?

Native speakers don't speak the formal English that you learned in school! Why not? Native speakers use casual Conversational English . They don't learn English by learning grammar rules, they learn English by the environment of listening. So you have to learn that English which you can't find in any book.

ELP teaches you English language in a very different way that you learn from your EARS not from your EYES .

No need to memorize anything, means no grammar rules

No need to use boring grammar books

No need to study and memorize vocabulary lists 



No matter how busy you are, this course can go with you.

All files are in MP3 format. That means you can put them on your MP3 or iPod Player and take them with you. Or you can listen to them directly on your computer. Any time, day or night, your lessons are right there for you.

Put them on your iPod, your cell phone, or any other device. Listen to your lessons at the gym, on the bus, driving to work, at the store, cooking, or anywhere else you want to take them.

Anytime and anywhere, your lessons are waiting for you.

Each mp3 audio file has everything you need to learn in order to speak English like a native speaker. And you can start your lessons anytime.

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SECRETELP teachings' secretsSECRET

What a Native Speaker knows?

Well, the answer is Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Discourse and Language skills.

What a Language student should learn?

Obviously, it's Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Discourse, Language skills, The syllabus and Language varieties

So, Do you think that you can learn all of them in a traditional language class? at some English language center?

And the answer is NO. You can't learn those things by that traditional method of English language teaching. Every part like Pronunciation, Vocabulary (etc) can provide you a huge book explaining itself. However, native English speakers never learn anything ...They learn unconsciously by the environment and the main part of there learning is LISTENING.

ELP  provides you all real English conversations and lessons, by which you can get the same environment like native English speaker, and you will learn English like your first language which means you use correct Pronunciation and Grammar. Which means you will have a great Vocabulary list in your mind. Which means you can discourse in English very easily. You will be having communications skills in English. This is what ELP guarantees

The secret of ELP is to teach English without learning grammar rules and without putting a lot of effort in understanding language varieties, and each lesson is very interesting so a learner can't get bore but enjoys the lessons

Now, with the help of those lessons and formulas of  English learning every English second language (ESL) learner can easily learn this language…