Speaking English

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Speaking English

Learn English easily. Without learning grammar

•Some people learn English to pass a test, to get good score in TOEFL. Some learn because they want to go abroad, to study or to work. And some learn to communicate to the World... But do you know that 90% of learners learn English to SPEAK ENGLISH??? Yes this is the most demanding and desirable part of all English language learners.

Speaking English is not as difficult as everybody thinks. The reason that people find hard to speak English is those methods by which they study English! And that is learning GRAMMAR all the time... Do remember good speaking comes from good listening. Not by learning grammar.

•Do you know how children learn their mother-language? they learn by listening... they listen correct sentences with correct grammar all the time... they learn unconsciously without even thinking about grammar.

•Everyone wants fluency in speaking English! What is English fluency? What does it mean to speak English fluently? It means to speak English automatically without thinking about grammar rules in your mind. If you think while speaking English then you can't speak fast! You speak English fluently when the words come out of your mouth-- without translation and without hesitation.

ELP provides you real English conversations and audio lessons by which you learn English without learning grammar. It means you speak English fluently like you speak your mother-tongue.
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Schools, colleges, universities and even language centers teach you English as a SUBJECT! but ELP teaches you English as a LANGUAGE. There is a big difference between subject and language that no one knows. After learning English from a language center, students can't speak English! as a result they get some negative thoughts like:

* English speaking is very difficult

* I'm not a good English speaker

* I'm nervous when I speak English

* I've to speak English perfectly every time

* I can't make mistakes

* I must learn and follow all grammar rules

* I don't have English environment.

* I could never speak English easily and quickly

These negative thoughts and believe lead them to bad results. All the time they think about their grammar mistakes. They feel very embarrassed when it comes to speak English. These beliefs were created in school.

Unfortunately, in School and University, most students learn new negative beliefs. Their teachers force them to learn, to memorize grammar rules and take tests. Students learn to fear mistakes. In school, students are embarrassed to make
Mistakes-- and thus they fear speaking. These beliefs destroy their confidence and motivation. ELP's lessons are not just audio lessons but they teach you how to be a confident speaker! You improve your English from the first day, which makes you feel good and CONFIDENT. No matter you speak English with the correct grammar or not, by listening to correct sentences again and again, by answering to the question in interactive lessons and with the proper guidance in every lessons you will learn correct grammar without reading grammar books, without learning and remembering grammar books and without putting any effort you will be able to speak English without stopping.



* Sit still when listening to English

* Reading and studying grammar books, textbooks, or vocabulary books

* Having a bad posture while learning

* Keep negative beliefs about your English

* Do English exercises in grammar books

* Learning grammar rules

* Go to traditional English schools


* Try to move your body or do some work while listening to English

* Use gestures and movements to remember difficult phrases and words

* Learn with your ears with the Conversation lessons of ELP

* Develop and practice positive beliefs about English and yourself

* Smile every time you listen to English, don't feel nervous

* Visualize yourself speaking English easily

* Focus on small improvements every day with ELP's lessons

* Learn correct grammar by listening interactive lessons of ELP

* Be relax and enjoy learning
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